Application of the ScarExPress™
scar patch in four simple steps

First, choose the right size for the patch. Ideally, the scar is completely covered by the compression element. You can also apply ScarExPress if the area of ​​the compression element is bigger than the patch. The compression element is then simply placed over the worst affected part.

In order for the patch to adhere well, the affected area of ​​the skin must first be thoroughly cleaned. The skin must be grease-free and dry. The area on which the adhesive surface of the plaster is placed should, if necessary , be depilated to guarantee optimal hold. In the area of ​​the scar, care products such as scar oil or ointment can be applied if required. However, this should by no means be done in the area of ​​the adhesive surface. An additional use of silicone pads is not recommended as these can reduce the compression effect.

Try to maintain a posture where the scar is not under tension. Then remove the protective foil and place the compression element on the scar.

a) Press the compression element downwards in the middle.

b) Hold the pressure and push outwards so that the wings of the compression element and the adhesive surface are pressed to the skin under the greatest possible tension.

Use the ScarExPress patch only on suitable body parts and on scars suitable for compression treatment. Do not use it on the hands (on the back of the hands is fine). Also, the feet and the head are unsuitable for the application. ScarExPress is waterproof and self-adhesive.

The ScarExPress™ makes it possible

Most people carry scars throughout the course of their lives because of small mishaps or major accidents. You can either undergo a long and painful laser treatment or just use the right patch to get rid of your scars.
The ScarExPress patch is a scar patch which uses pressure treatment. You can learn here why pressure treatment is particularly effective in making scars visibly smaller and flatter.

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