The effectiveness of the ScarExPress™ patch
is proven by numerous studies.


Case Study – Hypertrophic Scar

This patient is an 8-year-old boy with a mixed skin type. He has an aggressive, hypertrophic scar on his sternum caused by chickenpox. The boy was initially treated with silicone pads, adhesive pressure treatment and massages but did not experience any positive effects. Instead, the hypertrophic scar has been getting bigger and bigger. Since the scar was located in a very exposed area on the sternum, it had a strong tendency to become a keloid.

Scar treatment with the new ScarExPress™ scar patch reduced scar height by over 2.3 mm in just seven months. The scar was completely flat after 17 months.


Case Study – Aggressive Keloid Scar

In this study, the scarring of a 45-year-old male with a white skin type was observed. He has an aggressive keloid on his right shoulder which formed after a mosquito bite.

Before the new therapy with the ScarExPress patch, he was treated unsuccessfully with silicone pads, creams, adhesive pressure bandage and massages. Again, the keloid just got bigger and bigger. In addition, itching and a foreign body sensation occured.

Treatment with the new ScarExPress™ scar patch reduced the height of the scar by 3.0 mm in just 6.5 months.


Case Study – Keloid Scar

The patient in these photos is a man with a 30-year-old keloid on his left upper arm. The surface of the scar was hard and 5 centimeters long, and it itched strongly. All previous treatments brought no progress.

You could already see a clear change after only 11 days of treatment with the ScarExPress™ patch . The scar was softer, flatter and had a completely different structure.

ScarExPress™ YOUR scar plaster

Easy handling and fast applicability

  • Prevention of keloids and hypertrophic scars
  • Reduction of keloids and hypertrophic scars
  • water resistant

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